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High quality and high volumes

The HLKK 1000 high-performance ball bearing cage punching machine sets new standards for flexible and efficient production of high-quality ball bearing cages.

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RASTER® Technology HLKK 1000

The new dimension for manufacturing ball bearing cages

Ball bearing cages are an important part of every CV joint. They are essential in automotive engineering because they ensure smooth torque transfer to the road in motor vehicles of all kinds.

Intelligent machine concept

The solid design provides a stable foundation for all cutting operations.

  • Massive press frame prevents rebounding

  • Gray cast iron for improved damping

  • High rigidity thanks to tie anchors

  • Robust, long-lived design with high availability

Controlled force

The highly dynamic AC servomotor ensures outstanding punching quality with high cutting speeds.

  • The motor acts directly on the eccentric shaft via a low-play planetary gear

  • High speed at the bottom dead center for high surface quality

  • Low speed at the top dead center for precise indexing movements

Fast and efficient

The HLKK 1000 is designed for both large quantities and fast-changing small series.

  • Fast, operator-friendly adjustment due to just few parameters

  • Extremely short changeover times of 0.5 instead of 8 hours

  • Freely programmable part feeding system

  • Flexible ball bearing cage dimensions with:

    • Freely programmable number of windows
    • Inner diameter 35–70 mm
    • Window length 10–50 mm
    • Height 20–80 mm
    • Wall thickness 0.5–10 mm
    • Two independently programmable punching stations

All advantages on your side

  • Higher output – thanks to up to 300 punching operations per minute

  • Higher surface quality – thanks to fast cutting speed

  • Higher flexibility – thanks to wide punching range

  • Higher efficiency – thanks to extremely short changeover times

  • Higher reliability – thanks to outstanding machine concept


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